We’re a small group of bloggers and social media gurus, based in and around Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells.  We created Rusthall Hub as a place to promote local businesses, and for those businesses to network with each other and their potential market.

We think Rusthall is a pretty special place, with it’s substantial residential population, places to eat, drink and shop, an abundance of outdoor space of woodlands, parks and rocky outcrops and a strong, creative community.

Nonetheless, there’s an absence of online places for Rusthall businesses to network, and we want to remedy that.  The internet is here to stay, and savvy businesses have fully-embraced the vast selection of online tools such as websites, social media and blogging, to promote them.  However, using these online tools do not come naturally to all small businesses, and some need assistance with their promotional endeavours.

We’ve collaborated to offer local businesses support and guidance on getting the most out of online networking and promotion.

What Rusthall Hub can do you for you:

  • Free promotion via our Facebook page and soon-to-be Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Promotion through articles on our blog
  • Blogging/copywriting services
  • Social media management services
  • Consultation services
  • Advertising space on our website

So that’s us, in a nutshell.  If you’d like to know more about what we do, or have any queries we can help you with, do not hesitate to get in touch.





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